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I have a child of my own and I am a teacher. You will get to know me as I type here. Although I am a new teacher I have had a lot of experience working in various public and charter schools in rural, suburban, and especially inner city on all different economic levels. Furthermore, I built and run a school in Sierra Leone, Africa. I have worked and continue to work with: foster children, severely behaviorally disturbed child, ex child prostitutues, and street children both in the United States, Africa, and Brazil. The Brazilian street child I work with, when I go to Brazil, can be as young as 5 years old and are all drug addicted, malnourished, beaten, (some raped), and more sickening atrocities. I currently am working with inner city children in a 100% poor school. My life is extremely hectic. My child is a calm, laid back, funny young man who is in 1st grade. He learns respect and values and is exposed to different cultures. He is a multiracial child himself. Of course, he is the center of my world.

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