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I am a single mom of a wonderful 12 year old daughter. She is the love of my life and a blessing. My goal is to see that she gets a fair chance at a good education. I believe there is too much red tape in some issues of our schools and not enough in others. I believe in being fair to our kids, who of course is our future. My pet peeves are there being too many kids in the class rooms where some kids are overlooked for the need of extra attention and also special favors for teachers pets. My daughter is a great kid who plays in the band and enjoys making others laugh. She has a good heart and a strong mind and I intend on helping her improve those characteristics more and more with a great education. I believe that time is flying by so fast and there is so much technology that kids are not using their mental strength as much. Calculators are approved in most classes and computers are readily available instead of looking it up in the Encyclopedia or dictionary. Don't get me wrong, computers and calculators are great, but the kids are not soaking in the process of problem solving. I'm here to listen to others and get some advice just like everyone else. Thank you in advance for you responses.

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