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I am a twenty-five year old mom of two. My son turned five in December and my daughter will be four this coming August. I'm not to thrilled about living in a school district that is ranked 210 out of 225 in the state. However we can not afford to move, and private school is not an option either. That is not our only reason for choosing to home school. We are strongly apposed to the fact that children attend school for eight hours, come home with maybe two hours of education, a load of bad habits, misinformation and home work (making up for education not gained in class) that only increases in hours as they progress through the school system. Then further more, ontop of paying taxes into the school district you are required to buy school uniforms, supplies (which they are forced to share with, or have stolen from them by other kids), money for field trips, the constant influx of fundraisers and demands of PTA, school plays, and other 'pay at the door' activities. The average family pays $1200 a year into all of this. This isn't even dipping into the 'peer pressures' that kids bring home from school saying that they have to have the latest newest of everything. My son is currently in karate and loves it. We're looking at putting both of the kids into a soccer program and are still trying to find an activity that will be best suited for our daughter. My husband and I both work full time, he works in the morning and I work in the evenings. Our day is split, but the kids don't get shuffled off to daycare and know that we both love them (they also know that we love each other). We host a DnD game at our house every Tuesday night so the kids get to see mom and dad have their friends over and see how socializing works for grown ups.

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