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I am both a teacher and a parent and found the best instruction I received on how to be a better teacher came from my own parenting experience. Parenting two children school-age children - one gifted child and one child with severe learning differences - opened my eyes and gave me an entirely new perspective on the effect that school can have on the home and the family. I became aware that some time-honored school policies and classroom practices do not truly work for children but can work against children and their efforts to achieve success in school. I also became aware of what a great challenge it can be to successfully parent children through their many years of school. I also developed strategies to help my own two children find their potential and achieve success in school. My teaching experience informed my parenting experience and my parenting experience had great impact on my teaching. I'm most interested in sharing what I've learned with parents of school-age children and eager to help families navigate their way through the process that is school. I want to help parents find solutions for the issues and problems posed by school. I want to help parents who are trying to help their children find success in school and to offer my advice and experience on how best to meet the challenges posed by the school experience.

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