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Hi moms! I'm in my 11th year now as a single mother. (Are we there yet?) My son has less than 2 months left of school before he graduates. My marriage may not have survived, but I've been very blessed with my miracle children. My daughter, Jessica, is 24, and lives in Idaho. My son, Justin, is 18, and still lives with me. They have always been my joys, and the reason I am still here. I call them my miracle kids because they were both spared horrific deaths at separate times in their lives from unbelievable car accidents. One of which I witnessed. I have written stories on both, which are published on guideposts.com, faithvine.com, and helium.com. I write for a living for a multimedia firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My weeks are hectic since I'm always on deadline. My nights are spent often assisting my son with editing copy for his school newspaper, of which he is the Editor-in-Chief.

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