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CHARLIE & CHANCE My story… March 2010, I seen a lump on my left breast in the mirror. Any other time it wouldn’t have bothered me but this wasn’t right. Again, I didn’t want to know what was right either. I had a mammogram in April and it showed something indeed wasn’t right. So, I went to see Dr Saranto to have a core needle biopsy done. This test was inconclusive. Yet, another test was scheduled a stereotactic biopsy in May. This test it is safe to say…I bit down so hard part of a filing in my tooth came out. Yes, it was painful. It has been over 7 months now with many tests Mammograms, X-rays, MRI's and 3 Biopsies and waiting. {The day I was told I had Cancer} It was May 27th a Thursday. I was at work. “Of, course I waited until after that morning then after lunch. I figured with a full tummy and all would be good…the anticipation was too much for me and everyone else. I go into the Emig conference room. (At my work Fox) next to my desk. I called Dr. Saranto he was pleasant and he went on to tell me my diagnosis. The word malignant didn’t mean anything to me at the time. Just, I knew I had it and I heard him talking but I wasn’t listening? My mind was but my heart was not. I set myself up for any news that day. You just have to. I was okay with this I thought…… He began to tell me I had to undergo more test. Of course, to see if my lump I called: Charlie had made friends. (Why, Charlie ..Charlie Horse sock with fist makes a lump then goes down.) My lump didn’t go down. I remember walking over to my supervisor’s desk slowly; that was the hardest walk ever! Even though it was just a few steps. I turned the corner to her cubical knowing how she may react to news. I had to take a deep breathe for this one. She was sitting looking at the computer she seen me right away asked what happen……. Again, I had to keep my composure. Mary asked; so what is it….I told her yes. She then said; what????…………I said yes. I have it. Still, no reaction (shocked) on my part. Her eyes were watering and then mine. We both just kind said; it will be okay, we can do this. Very Emotional day……. I had to pick up the kids and go home, but as I was approaching the truck that day, I felt that each step was like walking a milli second at a time, in slow motion and it seemed that way all day all so surreal. (crying) Finally, getting into the truck I called home. My dad answered the phone first. If you are like me and when a parent answers the phone you know already the outcome and how it will feel when telling the news. Dad says; “Hey, Abby how are you how is everything okay. I then said; No dad. He said what? ………what??…….. happen…I said; “I, have cancer. Then I paused and then,………. I sobbed. He couldn’t believe it. He said; “Oh, No….……. No…….. Abby No…..I cried the whole way going to pick up my children in agony. That day all I can think about was my Lorenzo and Lana! My family my friends. I was thinking how I was going to arrange my funeral! It wasn’t long before I snapped out of it after that thought! My children and family are my strength they are my world they will see there Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend, out live this terrible disease. It can hurt & affect many in different ways more than one can imagine. StageII B Breast Cancer. Border line StangeIIIA. Due to the lump size of 5cm and 3 out 8 lymph nodes cancer cells appeared underarm. My god! I never knew how much I was loved! Until this terrible cancer attacked me and news was scattered fast. I fought many things in my life this has got to be the most challenging one but I'm a good fighter most know I don‘t give up! I fight now for my right to stay alive for me. {What next} Mastectomy was preformed August 3rd,2010. Chemotherapy started September 7th @ in Morgan hill at the De Paul Medical Center 8 sessions now completed. 33 radiations. 5 years of tamoxifen. Now, My New & Improved life, I call Chance only for one reason because (I) have a chance at a New Improved better Life to live. All, I want to do now and always have done for many years is to let others be aware how important it is to do the Mammograms and just get check for any cancer. This is a serious disease. I didn’t know how many steps you had to endure just to get past this. “I want to Thank you! All for being here for me you are all my kickstand to my life and my willingness to fight even harder to beat Charlie and now I have a New Chance at life a new beginning I now call living! {POEM} The world keeps moving forward as time stands still for me, I am a mother with Cancer, locked in battle to be free.For all us moms on chemo our lives are put on hold, As we fight to stay alive ,our chances good were told. Our attitude is courage we live this life each day, Just waiting for tomorrow, praying cancer goes away.Walking on the edge of life We’re never looking down, United here in front of you, until a cure is found. God bless you all peace!

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