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My child is a very bright all A & B student at a Public School with a "ten" great schools rating. I love this school for many reasons, but mostly because it has Project Lead the Way [Class that only teaches an Engineering Curriculum built into their daily class schedule course load]. We are a Black family in a predominately white area. We feel culture and diversity are very important. Because my child does not get the requisite cultural/diversity experience at his school, we look outside of the school for extra-curricular activities. My favorite parenting memories occur daily, as I see my child grow and improve. My pet peeves are school uniforms, parents who are overbearing, and don't give their child needed independence to develop into a productive adult (homeschooling). On the other hand, I also dislike when parents are not involved enough in child-rearing, also impeding proper development. Another pet peeve are children not getting enough exposure to giving back and community involvement, and children who play video games all day. I get excited about anything that helps my child improve. this improves core subjects, language, and extracurricular activities. Regardless of how well my child does, I know there is always room to improve. Activities during the week include [depending on the time of year] Soccer, Baseball, taekwondo, Equestrian team, Polo team, jumping [equestrian], sailing, flying [single engine planes], swimming, Civil Air Patrol, First Lego League, MathCounts, ski club, golf, or boys and girls club. Saturdays my child has either a program geared for Black children, [i.e., NSBE Jr., Kappa League etc.] and/or music ministry [plays trumpet in Church band]. Sunday is Church.

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