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  • Post in: skipping grades?  July 19, 2009

    Research strongly backs acceleration as a positive accomodation for some students. The reluctance to accelerate by many schools is an obstacle... More »

  • Post in: Gifted and being bullied  July 19, 2009

    Call for an ep meeting. Document the bullying as well as the district policy in the minutes. Have the district folks document what they plan to... More »

  • Post in: How to test your kindergarten for giftedness  March 29, 2009

    Gifted programming varies by state, with some offering none. It may be wise to contact your school district and converse with the appropriate person,... More »

  • Post in: How Much Does a Superintendent Matter?  February 8, 2009

    An article in Ed Week, perhaps called, "Gains Post NCLB Attributed to Teacher Decison" would lead one to think not much!

  • Post in: Parent Involvement and NCLB  February 8, 2009

    Sorry I just can't address this issue without providing my opinion as well that NCLB has been an anchor on our high achievers' necks. Rather than... More »

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