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I am not a parent in DISD but I am an interested and passionate neighbor and advocate of my school, Bonham, where I attended in grades 2-7 in the 1950s. I had wonderful, inspiring teachers who served as my model for what I wanted to do--teach which I did along with being a principal and central office administrator for 39 years. For today's Bonham students, it appears that they have equally inspiring teachers who care about them socially and emotionally, as well as their academic success. I am now retired but still passionate about schools, kids, teachers, and learning. I want to help Bonham attract parents with the truth, not repel them with misinformation which has happened for too long. Exemplary rated since 2003, a Gold Standard Award for the number of students who scored Commended, which has risen each year and still bests the the state average. The school is doing just as good as anyone could expect form any school with a middle class home environment and edcucated parents who speak English. However, [fjk95% of Bonham students come from homes at the poverty level or near it. 64% begin school not speaking English. This makes their achievement all the more superior. It is only one of 3 DISD schools that are rated Exemplary. I hope to help the public regain their confidence in Bonham so that they send their children to school there. That will take a concerted effort by all.

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