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I always remeber when my boys where born and how wonderful that feeling was for me. I really never wanted children because I did not think I had what it took to be a father. When My first boy Albert age 7 was born, I had a wonderful feeling in my heart that only God and I know how great it is. Then my 2nd boy Alexander M. Lopez age 5 was born and it just blew me away on how intelligent and resourceful he is. I love just watching him doing his daily activities and I gotta tell you, It's the greatest feeling in the world knowing that I'm responsible for those two beautiful boys! I remember when Albert was struggling with the whole "homework" concept and the fact that he had to do it everyday. I tried to explain to him that it great to learn new things but he wasn't having it. He told me to "call his teacher and tell her not to give HIM homework but it's O.K. to give it to the other students!! I just thought that was SO adorable!! Alexander, on the other hand loves homework. He would tell me he had to do his homework even though in pre-k he didn't have homework so I would mak-up homework for him like writting his name tthen he would have me check it when he was done. I thought that was just too adorable!!!

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