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I love having two boys. People look at me crazy because they are rowdy and so full of life but if they were not then something would be wrong with them eh? I like that they are 6 and 7 and are total mommy pleasers! They see me on the floor and get me pillows and tuck me in with a blanket, it is so cute. One morning I crawled into their bed before the awoke and I laid on the little ones lap with my eyes closed and daddy came up and turned on the light and tv. The little one kissed me on the forehead while stroking my hair and told his brother while covering my eyes to turn off the light because it was hurting mommy, adorable. We all three go to baseball games,fishing,swimming,and be goofy! Total fun. They annoy me when they ignore me and disregard my orders and get too wound in public. Like the other day I was at the store and my buns were sore from my rigorous workouts so I told one to get out from underneath the basket and he did not so I walked off. Big brother was pushing, mind u they are the same height and weight almost 45lbs and when we get on an asile they start in loud. Now my voice carries. They get me noticed more than I want to be. So I told them to stop and then I told them if I wanted people to know I was shopping I would have asked them to get on the store intercom. EEEE.I have been in Walmart and gotten phone calls before and said hey are u here I thought I heard u from several friends. But sometimes can't I just go in and not get on to them? Why must they aggravate each other so? They are so close though. I hope they are always that way. And close to God. All the rest is gravy......

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