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I am a mother of a 26 year old girl and a 13 year old son. My son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in January of 2009. Since being diagnosed with this condition our lives have never been the same. He has always been an excellent student but since his diagnosis he has been struggling in school and his grades are taking a nose dive. I am concerned that his medications to treat the illness has only made his condition worse. He can barely function in school and is constantly depressed.I would like to talk to other moms who are going through the same challenges and get some support and advice. I am desperate to find a different way of treating this illness. I have recently been told about this Amen clinics in California that do brain imaging and focus more on nutrition as well as medication. It looks quite promising and I would like to get the opinion of any one who has had this treatment or any other and how it helped their child. My favorite parenting memories with my son was watching him play games with us and his friends and feel good about being alive. I also enjoyed helping him with his home work teaching him math and writing skills and watching him succeed. I love reading romantic novels and enjoy sewing and fashion design.

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