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I was 24 years old and never thought I would have a baby girl. Wen my child was born allmost everyone in both sides of the family was happy for her to come to this new world. Me and her farther have been protective over for some time now and will allways be. She is nice when she wants to be. She is 11 years old now. since she started school she has been fine untill she got to the age of growing up and geting around show off kids and smart mouth choldren. She has been a daddy's girl.If I as mom speaks to her or tells her to do something its like I get attitude from her. Dissapline means nothing to her when acts out.When dad talks then punishment works.When my child brings good grades home its like it makes me feel good.For the teacher that my child has its like she allways has a negative thing or something bad to write in my daughters planner for her listening skills and everything you can think a child would do. I try to raise my child the best way I can. I do what I can to make her a good child. I work full time.I am their for my child when I come home from work. During the time I am not their after she gets out of school its der dad who is there for her. Anotherthing my child does not follow directions hardly at all. I tell her something and she does the oppasit of what ever you tell her. sometimes this makes me crazzy.

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