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I am a mother of a child with learning disabilities. I had to advocate for my son long and hard throughout all his school years. I found so many concerns during this journey that I decided to return to college. I will be graduating in June of 2012 and my mission is to become an advocate for parents and to support children in the process of advocating for themselves. I feel knowledge is power. When parents know the laws,the testing process,how to help set measurable goals and objectives in their child's IEP,the proper letters to write for certain situations,their child benefits in every way. Parents are their child's biggest and best advocates. Many parents realize this but do not know where to go,who to talk to, or how to obtain the information they need. These are some of the reasons I have decided to become an Advocate for those who have children with specials needs. Besides training quarter horses, this is my life long passion. If I can be of assistance to any one, I never hesitate to help.

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