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My pet peeves are people in schools not listening to what you tell them. No matter what you say, the politics of the school keep people narrow-minded. The teachers gossip, get children to mark other children's work - without the teacher checking up, and kids are told to go to school even if they are sick!! This is wrong, and change is a very necessary, for kids to get a chance to be heard and to remain healthy. The current education systemis not set up to be healthy to children with special needs. The current education system causes stress, anxiety, disruption and low self-esteem to any child that needs extra help due to neurological issues. Studies show that children can benefit by making new neural pathways through training processes which will help cognitive abilities, balance, and fine motor skills, which in turn will help the learning processes for children. All these children need is five minutes at the start of the day to do these exercises and five minutes at the end of the day. Children can then be helped. Also having children do one hour of study, followed by one hour of an elective that helps to relax the child, will help elimate the pressures children with learning difficulties find they are under. Schools across the world need a complete re-evaluation of what they are doing to our children. My child before going to middle school, had a good self-esteem despite having special needs. Now he cries every morning before going to school and doesn't sleep well at night because he cannot keep up with all the work that is put on him to do. It is not important for kids at this age to know all the history in the world, nor geographical places of the world. It is important for them to master the English Language and math. The education departments need to wake up and understand this and stop being so demanding with what the children learn. Allow kids the chance to learn to love learning, and then the country can really start to grow in esteem, and more people will be less damaged emotionally by an education system that badly lets down challenged children.

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