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Greetings the Haroon family is a fun loving family. we have 2 kids Alec 10 and Alexus 12. Also we have 3 adult children that are college grads and attending college. Presently we have 4 dogs, two 120 pound German Shepherds Max and Mia and 2 Cockerspaniels Jack and Glenn. We are planning on moving to Canada. My husband is already a resident there. We are looking for a big house to live in ,we are looking for a good neighborhood with good schools to raise our kids there. Cynthia is a daycare owner and teacher, she would love to continue her work there. She is the Pastor of International world harvest church and evangelistic ministries that will also be transforming there . Dr.Arif Haroon is a phd and land developer. We love going to church and doing many family outings.Our kids are very good in sports and academics. The children keep us busy at all their games and activities. We just love their joy and interest of school and sports. Our dogs are quite the champions too they are being groomed for international dog shows and breeding. In conclusion my husband is quite the chef he enjoys cooking all Asian and foreign meals. Hopefully we can meet some families on here that our as loving and concerned as we are for our family and children. God Bless you all the Haroons

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