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Ok here goes. I will fight to the end on issues I feel strongly about.I believe my kids should be able to have a cell phone as long as it isnt visible.I dont believe in uniforms,although it may work for other families.Me and my husband have done a great job in raising our children. I will not send lazy children out in the world without any knowledge or skills. . I am probally one of those parents that all the other parents always disagree with. I will explain. Although my children are not perfect they are close enough to perfect to me.I have faith in them and their decisions in life,they have never let me down.My oldest is on A honor roll in high school ,all pap classes and my youngest is on A honor roll also all pap classes.I do not stand over them to do their homework or chores they do what is expected of them.My kids can usually do what they want because they have chosen the best of friends, and I have taught them to lead not follow.I guess they are perfect to me.My children have truly blessed my life.

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    Thanks Magnet Mom. My daughter will need to wear a hard brace for her first year in High School. We caught her scoliosis in time where she did not... More »

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  • Post in: Should a child be taken off a sports team if they bring home a bad grade?  October 14, 2009

    ladybug1962 I agree completely. I believe it is a privilege to play on any sports team or to be in any clubs in school. Good grades should be maintained.

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    I was under the impression that all teachers had conference times for that purpose. I do agree with gritguy to some extent. Keep in mind that teachers... More »

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