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Hmm... favorite parenting memories...there are so many. Like most parents, our kids are the reason we get out of bed in the morning and the relationship we are grateful for at the end of the day. Parenting makes you humble, tests your patience, and invites you to relearn the world through the eye's of the next generation. Everyday is a treasure...even the bad ones. My greatest "pet peeves" would be wasting time, lack of organization, excuses and not spending money wisely. The main reason for my entry to this forum would be because I want/desperately need more information on how to educate my one child and five step-children. I need to know more about what programs are available to them to make them prosperous and honorable adults. Five of our six children have tested into "gifted" programs. We have tried public schools with a gifted program to no avail. Our kids were so bored, their daily reaction to school saddened me. We have tried parochial schools with great success but the school is over 45 miles away from our home and incredibly expensive for us. We have also tried excellent private schools but have met with a closed enrollment even after several years. We need help. I need help.

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