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Moved to Louisville with UPS from Arizona. Thought we'd try the small town life. Not anything like we'd hoped for and have placed bids with our company to move. At first we thought it was our imaginations that it was a closed off atmosphere. Unfortunately the locals have themselves confirmed this. Our largest problem's the schools. They are behind the times and seem to hold themselves exempt from state, federal or gov't laws the rest of the country's schools follow. The good old boy system's firmly in place ( name and connections rule ). Odd in this day and age ( it IS 2008 almost 2009 ) and what a shame. Progress is a wonderful thing. Bad school staff stay and answer to no one. Bullying by staff, attitudes, yelling at kids. Ridiculous. They even battled against fixing a mold issue. Why bother teaching if you're a bad teacher and why allow mold in a building. They have little control over school violence. We've battled long enough. Pathetic. We're transferring to Corydon until we leave. There's problems everywhere but it's overthetop here in this tiny area. Sad to say it has gone on so long it will probably never change. Not sacrificing our child to it. We own a farm and rescued several mules & horses during the drought. I collect antiques and we travel alot all over the US.

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