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Some of my parenting memories would be watching them playing with their friends, playing in the band, and playing sports. I love to see them involved in the youth group and halo club, and everything to do with church, when they are in plays, or just singing. I loved it when my older daughter would help me with her little brother, he would follow her around, and say the cutest things, and they would give each other huggs and a kiss. My pet peeves would be when they would pick on each other till someone would get hurt, or start crying, and then they will do it again over and over. The things that would get me excited in a hectic life is when my 16 year old cooks dinner, and she puts a coffee filter in the coffee maker for me,so when i go to make coffee it's there for me. Both of my kids know when things are hectic, so they know not to bother me, and they say i love you mommy, and give me a hug. Sometimes they will clean the house for me when things are crazy, and all i have to do when i come home from work is just relax.

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