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I'm a mother of two and a real estate investor. I have my child in SOCES and my other child goes to Pierce College in the IGETC program to transfer to a UC. I am not happy with LAUSD. There is very little tracking in High School. The Teachers don't want to hear from you and they don't have many choices. All the kids do is study to test. I feel that they are dumbing down our children and I think I'm going to leave the district for private schooling.

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  • Started conversation: Physical Education in LAUSD  September 9, 2011

    It's a joke. There is no one that is physically fit. You expect them to pass the Presidents physical fitness exam. My son changed it up and went... More »

  • Post in: can a 5th grader teacher tell students to bring deodorant or shower twices  September 9, 2011

    It's okay, my boy and girl had the same problems when they were young. They smelled at an early age. Tell him to take deodorant to school, along... More »

  • Post in: How green is your school?  June 5, 2011

    What green? My son says they have green trashcan projects, but no one uses them. The trash goes on the floor. Where are the parents and the training... More »

  • Started conversation: Schools in LAUSD  June 5, 2011

    It is a sad state we find ourselves in LAUSD. Our kids are having the life pulled out of them, instead of realizing what they want and who they... More »

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