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  • Post in: New School  September 14, 2009

    No he has not started school yet im looking for a school to put him in i just moved to woodlandhills like a week ago.

  • Post in: THAT IS NOT THE SCHOOL I WANT!  September 14, 2009

    Well I have the same situation going on right now, I just found out my home school is Hart School Elementry, but I wanted to have my son go Serrania... More »

  • Post in: New School  September 14, 2009

    hello magnetmom i found out my home school, and it is Hart School. I guess my son has to go here for now but, i checked and there not even on... More »

  • Post in: New School  September 13, 2009

    Thank you so much I have no idea what y home school is or anything like that, no pernits or anything.We just moved here and my son just turned five... More »

  • Post in: Welcome To Stay At Home Parents  September 13, 2009

    Hello all I am also a SAHM, and I enjoy every bit of it. I have a five year old son and i love being around for everything. I tell my self make... More »

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