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Hello fellow parents out there. I am a typical married wife, work at home, mom, taxi machine to my 15 year old dating daughter. Can't wait till she gets her license! I do not like to clean (neither does anyone else in the family). Basically, I put in an "80 hour" work week. I used to own a Scrapbook store that I sold to persue my custom scrapbook business full time (http://myers1961.tripod.com ). I also rep for an adhesive company, volunteer at my daughter's school, and our house is teen central, (yes, I'm the cool MOM). My pet peeves would have to be , let's see, why am I the only parent that picks up and drops off? Why does everyone hate FCAT but we still have it? Why do we have to fill every minute of every day structuring our children's lives? I remember when a back yard and a refridgerator box could keep me occupied all day. Sometimes I feel children have lost the ability to create, in this world of dance lessons, karate classes, and football practice. I have never had any desire to create an uber-child. I believe in getting out the door on time in the morning, carpooling, saving the planet, and grocery coupons. I believe in computer shopping, January sales, and hamburger. I never met a craft I didn't like, and never read instructions to put things together. I am a do-it-yourselfer, because I have to be. If I get to the end of the day without a neck, back, or head ache; I've had a good day. I am a MOM.

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