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I am currently a full-day Kindergarten teacher. I am very dedicated to my profession and I love Early Childhood! I work in a National Title I Distinguished School and strive to surpass new goals every year. I have been teaching for 15 years and I am stilling learning new things in education everyday. I recently attended the Title I National Conference in San Antonio, Texas. I am proud to work for a school ranking with the third highest test scores in the state of Oklahoma.I know that all children can and will learn if given opportunities and support! I focus on nurturing the whole child. If I have a problem with a child, I first look at myself to see how I can improve to meet the needs of the student first. I love using technology in the classroom every single day, whether I am using PC's, laptops, videos, or Aver key. I spend lots of time attending workshops and applying new techniques into my classroom every year.

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