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I am 40 plus mother of 4 Boys ages 9,10,14,and 16 years. I have many memories of my children but the one that sticks out in my mind is when my 2nd oldest was in 3rd grade. He was just diagnosed with ADHD and being very stubborn. I got the usual call from his teacher and he refused to talk with me on the phone. I told his teacher to send him to the office and I would be there shortly. I only lived 10 minutes from the school. So I got "undressed" -- Meaning i took off my street clothes and put on my bright pink pjs, my fuzzy slippers, my purple bath robe and headed to the school. I got out and went to the office where my son was waiting. I made sure that EVERY body know whos mom I was!!! He was mortified, horrified and embarrassed when i told him i was going to the class room with him... He started begging and crying "please don't go ,, Please doon't go " He wouldn't even call me mom!!! Needless to say I didn't get a single call from his teacher the entire year. May not work with your children but I feel like it got to him better than any other punishment I could come up with!

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