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My goals here is how could I help my two boys at schools.. How could I find the best of thier learning situations.. I have a 7 years old boy with APD/DYSLEXIA/AD AD and Asmathic, besides allergic to ants. My 2 boy is 5 years old now diagnosted to have ADHD. when he was 2 years old the neorologist told me that he was an Indigo Child since public schools does not believe the indigo terms, now that he is presenting behavior and learning problems the neorologist diagnosted as ADHD.. He is having a lot problems at school due to his behavior. As per the school he does not qualify for an IEP or behavior plan since he does not have a learning dissability... He is not learning due to his conduct, he is dealy place in TimeOut at school. He is being sent to eat lunch at the state floor in the cafeteria. he is being sitting down in the floor at the school park since he is in TimeOut, so the situation is bad at school. I am desperate looking for help and advices on what to do.. All the places that I have called does not accept insurance meaning that I would have to pay out of my pocket, in which I can not affort. If anyone can give me an advice, please I need it. Thanks idel

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