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Being raised by my grandmother.I grew up very old fashion and there was no TV and parents that very wild and paid little attention or none at all.I was taught to be who am I.Not let anyone change who am I or where I come from.I grew up very fast in a home where my father was a drug addict and my mother a hooker.I'm now a educated person who works to live not live to work.I love my daughter unconditonal.Something I was not taught I will find out.How to teach her better? I'm the oldest of 4 kids and I'm the black sheep of the family for the simple fact that I did not support my parents lifestyle of drugs and rock N roll phrase when I was young and until I got older.I denied them access to my own family.I learnt that sometimes we have to break bad cycle and habits and they we're part of it.I focus on our future and learn from the past. I'm a loving,caring and compassionate mother.But if my kid tries me or anyone else.I will show my other side.I'm more laid back than my husband with parenting style and my husband is more strict.He grew up in very great family all normal and loving..Total 360 for me. So.My daughter has his side of the family that supports her.But hate my guts! I don't care there HER FAMILY and there part of my life too.So..Might as well live with the heartache.I'm not perfect.But I do my best as every mother knows the feeling.To be there for when OUR KIDS need us.

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