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Ok, so I'm not a parent, which I'd imagine puts me in the minority of this online communtiy. I am 17 1/2 years old and a senor in high school. I have a lot of experience with the southern california public school system (I'm still a part of it), while I can also relate will younger students as I have a 5 year old sister in kindergarten and a two year old sister in preschool. I am very concerned with the high prices of college tuition and the lowering standards in the public school system. A typical day in my life is pretty hectic, eventhough I'm not a mom, I am a straight A student and number 1 in my class; I take a very heavy course load during the school year in addition to tutoring for meager wages after school and frequently babysitting my little sisters. But I can't complain, it'll all pay off when I get that full ride scholarship to MIT (crossing all possible appendages). I hope to bring a new perspective to discussions.

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