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I am a bit over the hill and looking back it took me 13 years to get a BA and I went to school all the time my girls were in school getting an MFA and a great Masters in Education. My thesis was to teach in the great museums of Europe and took 15 people through Crete, Greece, Italy, Paris and the north countries. We learned art 101 on the hoof. My youngest daughter went with me and when she went to Smith College she part their Art History 101 with out taking the course. So working along side me and me working with them rubbed off. I was a professional potter and weaver and worked at home. This made it possible to be both a stay at home mother (when I wasn't in class) and a working mother. I am giving back now that I no longer teach in a classroom by creating a course. I got so tired of other peoples lesson plans that left most of the work to the teacher. I want to be sure the history of art is there for every one and that any parent can "teach it" as they go along. So the site is ahaafoundation.org

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