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Last year, as my kids were getting involved with more things, I was also being asked to serve as a parent-leader in those activities and on community leadership committees, my older son asked me why I had to be gone to so many meetings. I asked him if he knew that I loved him and would always be there to support him. He said "Well, duh!" I then continued to tell him that there are a lot of kids in our community who have parents who are unable and some unwilling to help to make sure things are good or get better for the kids and I go to these meetings so those kids can also have someone to support them. My son then bowed his head and started listing some of the children I would be helping. I was so proud. My pet peeve would be people who can't give advice without putting others down. NCLB and standardized testing can get me going. And there is not enough room to list out my typical hectic, but wonderful day.

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