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I'm 35. My daugher is 8 and is a very sweet child most of the time. lol. I work full time at a local hospital and go to school part time. I will be completing my Bachelor's in Acctg hopefully in May. My daughter goes to karate twice a week. I was divorced and now remarried about 4 years ago. My husband adopted my daughter when we got married she was 4. I love to read. I hate it when someone tries to tell me what I should and should not do. I don't mind advice but when they come across as if I don't do something then I'm a bad parent. I ran into that problem when I had my daughter and did not nurse due to having to go back on my seizure meds. People couldn't understand why I wouldn't nurse as it is better for the child and I told them it was better for me to not be walking down a flight of stairs carrying her and take a seizure and perhaps have her get hurt or even worse die. A typical day is Sunday religion and mass and housework, Monday get up school for my daughter work for me then take her to karate and go home make dinner and get ready for next day. Wednesday is the same. Friday nights every other weekend go to school after work and Sat mornings.

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  • Post in: unifroms vs. no uniforms!  September 16, 2008

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