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Your students want discipline-being a single parent I was lax on that. It is a complete joy to have a child. I wish I would have taken more of an interest in planning his daily activities, and be more vigilant about making rules, and enforcing consequences. I was a teacher who gave homework at least 3 times a week, and when parents came to conferences, they claimed their kids said they had none. I was guilty of the same thing. I took the easy way out, and I'm sure both of us would have been happier with the outcome if I had just given him the time he needed. Be a good role model. Kids remember when you do something wrong-and will use it to weaken your relationship. My pet peeves were that I always made dinner for my family--but he always took it on a tray and ate it in his room-sort of defeats the purpose. But if you love them, that's what really counts-and that can overcome any roadblocks or troubles you may encounter along the way. If you're trying hard--try harder.

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