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  • Post in: pre-tech academy  August 6, 2013

    Pretech academy is an awesome preschool to enroll your child. I would recommend it not only because the education is great in that preschool... More »

  • Started conversation: Pinecrest Prep ( Miami, Fl)  June 10, 2013

    I just want to get an idea more or less how is pinecrest prep. I know there a lot of mix reviews from this school. My son will be starting... More »

  • Started conversation: Pinecrest prep ( Miami, Fl)  June 10, 2013

    I would like to know how this school is . I know there a mix of reviews about pinecrest prep like my son is starting this year i just want some... More »

  • Started conversation: Pinecrest prep Vs Pinecrest the cove ( miami)  April 9, 2013

    I would like know more or less which will be better to enroll my child for kinder. I know both schools follow the same curriculum but more... More »

  • Started conversation: Pinecrest prep charter school ( miami)  April 9, 2013

    I was wondering how is this school . what are the cons and pros before i signed him up to start in August and would any one who has their... More »

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