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Before becoming involved with The PoliteChild, Lisa Finan was a publicist in New York agencies for over 10 years assigned to cause-related and travel clients. During that time, she also managed her jointly owned corporate film company, www.bonafinafilms.com with her husband, Michael. As they started a family, she became a freelancer for several years, focusing on parenting issues. Currently, as a licensed social skills coach of www.SocialSmarts.com - the leading national curriculum that teaches manners and social skills to children of all ages - she divides her time between acting as a licensee in the New York Metro area and business development in the Northeast. Her objective is to create a better understanding of people in diverse environments by emphasizing the importance of social skills: "the great equalizer". She currently pursing a masters in applied business anthropology at the University of North Texas, and continues to managed BonaFina Films, Inc. and the primary family business: her two children, Hunter and Piper. Lisa is a member of the National Italian American Foundation, Ladies Who Launch, The Women's Professional Center, and volunteers regularly for Junior Great Books, Girl Scouts, local community fundraisers. She is also an active member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Montclair, NJ where she volunteers as a religious education teacher. Lisa has a B.A. in English Literature with a French Minor at the University of La Verne and the American Community School in Athens, Greece. She speaks French, Italian, Greek and some Spanish. While studying at the American Community School in Athens, Greece, worked for Greece's Weekly for Business and Finance, taught ESL, and traveled extensively throughout Europe.

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