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I am a mother who is a full time Nurse.. My typical day is geting my daughter ready for school,working 9 hours and then comming home to prepare a meal do homework with her at times, take time to talk about her day, Clean and then go back to sleep. I am married but my husband is physically unable to do a lot and therefore the physical part of the day is pretty much my responsibility. My days run together at times as it seems like I only have time to myself when I am in the bathroom. I also coordinate care for a father who is being treated for cancer. My favorite parenting memory was my daughter's first day at co-op preschool. This was the first time that I ever left her alone with strangers. She was petrified says the teacher. When I arrived to pick her up 2 hours later, she said "Mommy, I thought you got lost". I waited until I was 36 to have my daughter who is now 5. I am having lots of fun. My family and I are wanting to meet other families to interact with. My daughter is the only child and is very lonely. It is very difficult! Even though my daughter is enrolled in several activities and the parents are not too engaging no matter what we have tried. I know we will meet a family soon. I am interested in adopting and plan to do this by the end of the year. I will get really excited when I hear my daughter say she has found a friend that she can connect with in school.

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