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We are parents of 2 children. 1 is a 15yr old with asperger syndrome and 1 is a 9yr old with Adhd. We have those hectic days when all of us are running in separate directions trying to keep up wih everything; I'm trying to get my appts in between theirs, but it's all fun. Each of my kids have so much to offer, they love to tell jokes, tease us, play around, but most importantly they are very compassionate kids. They will hug on you forever. My daughter loves attention and my son would rather let her be the center of attention than himself. She is loud and he is quiet. They give each other a hard time and tease as most kids do, but what's most important to me is that they fully support each other when they need a helping hand or some encouragement. My son has asperger syndrome (a form of high functioning autism) but sometimes making decisions from a restaurant menu can take him a while to decide upon so my teenage son will ask my daughter which meal he should choose at a restaurant or which outfit he should wear to school and my daughter will take a moment and make that decision for him and it really helps with his confidence, and my daughter feels important when she can help her big brother with these decisions, so they balance one another. To me that is a very special bond between them.

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