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I must say parenting is one challenging task yet very enjoyable esp when you see your kids grow and learn new things in life....it is so beautiful that we as parents forget the pain we go through when times are hard. I am a single parent of a 7 yr old. Very active kid and drawing is his primary passion. We do not keep pets in our house but my son would probably like to later on when he is in his teen yrs. I love music and art and I play tennis too. My days are quite hectic. A typical day to me is more or less like every parent, wake up in the morning get Jr. ready and fix breakfast for us and off we go to work and school. After work, I pick Jr. from the day care and may be make a stop or two. On Fridays we get to go out and have fun....that is our "family outing" day; we do Monkey Joes, Movies, Parks, Chuck-E-Cheeses' etc I rarely go out on my own and when I do I get help so I can get my "me time"...don't we all need that? Well, after school and work we normally go back home, grab a snack, help out Jr. with homework and sometimes get to go for some sports practise. Dinner is normally btw 6p and 7p and if we have time we hang out a little and call it a day. Most of the time Jr. goes to bed before I do @ 9p and that gives me time to get ready for the following day and unwind on my day. If not too tired, I may watch the news, comedy or a Movie.

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    I agree with redwine68...look for the same exact items..yes it all matters!!

  • Post in: Playmate  August 29, 2011

    We got some great friends now and well settled in the Concord area..

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    I love and respect teachers a lot but sometimes they exaggerate on minor issues which make the child have a low esteem...eg. he/she was doing this... More »

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    Anybody in the Concord/Kannapolis area with an 8-10yr old looking for a play mate/buddy. My son (8 and a half) is an only child and sometimes I... More »

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