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I am a mother of an eleven year old fifth grade boy in houston. I have always made education a priority in his life and am truly reaping the rewards for what can be a difficult task at times. There were times when hes tried and tries to buck the system but i never waiver and i let him know failure is not an option in education.I realise i still have 6more years to go until graduation but i am confident that by leading by example, and staying involved, he can achieve whatever goals he sets during his school years and beyond.If i could share just a few tips with any other parent that is trying to make sense of it all. Sacrifice yourself,Be consistant and create a loving environment. As a young mother, I had to figure it all out one day at a time and I had to check myself a few times. For instance, if I could call my girlfriends and get the run down on their day and get all the daily gossip I most definitely could be doing the same with my son having that kind of dialogue with your child is so important it keeps you in the loop and in tune to yours, it builds trust between you.My point is being able to look at yourself in the mirror and say im the problem not the kid is vital to good parenting. I love the connection that I have with my son. Dont get me wrong Im not naive what I am is a mother that is on top of her game.

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