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I have dealt with Hawaii's Public schools and their administrations bad attitudes and prejudices since 1988. I have sent two setsd of kids through this systems and found that their most common reaction to constructive criticism is " Why don't you send your kids to private school if you don't like it?". This is not what I consider a professional approach to their jobs. I found two schools to be very concerned and willing to do right by their children. They are August Ahrens Elementary School and Ala Wai Elementary School with honorable mention for Ka`ala Elementary School. Principle Florentina Smith and Charlotte Unni are among the best in their feild in Hawaii. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Washington Middle School, and Kaimuki High School where violence and prejudice are allowed to run rampant under the leadership of their current principles who fully condone it as a part of the public school experience.

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