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As an African-American Family we have a dual responsibility of 1st solidifying our children's sense of heritage and self worth not just as americans but more importantly as americans who are descendents of Africa and what that ultimately means in the current sense of how African-Americans are viewed and classified in American society, and secondly solidifying their rightful place as equally qualified as other Americans to achieve anything that they set out to do, regardless of obstacles. We are culturally minded and embrace the individuality of others who are seemingly not like us. We care and practice care of the world in which we live. We strive to leave places we inhabit better than how we found it. We believe in gaining as much knowledge and experiences as possible. We practice enjoying our journeys as much as we enjoy the achievement of finishing, even when it's in first place. We enjoy practicing a duality that many others seem not to enjoy, for instance, We teach the children the art of capitalism and the acts of socialism and how the two coexist harmoniously. Our oldest daughter is quite the philosopher at the tender age of 7. She often asks a question that more often than not stumps me. I ofcourse am at the ready (always) to search with her through the multitude of information that is out there. Her father and I often show them that there are different sides of a story or information and it is her decision to make as to which she will accept or reject. More times than not she will initially forgo her search for the answer and present us with her own 'logical" answer as it pertains to her viewpoint. I love this about her and Never impose my own will, even if I'm right. Our middle daughter is very solemn and needy for what I would concur is much needed one on one time and attention. She realizes that she is not the youngest "baby" but doesn't care to that matter. She is very assertive about her equal opportunity for lap time. For her there is no justification, whatsoever, why her younger sister (2yrs of age) should get more coddling from mom than her. I agree, but while I tell you that I am often frustrated with trying to gain some understanding from her, I am amazed at her independence in all other areas of her life. She is the helper of everyone in getting the job done and we are often late because she insists that there are just some things she can and must do for herself. As a stay at home mom it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to plan many of our activities around this very stupendous fact about my middle daughter. Our youngest daughter at the age of two has been in the terrible two phase since about 13 months of age. I am having difficulty in trying to harness her assertiveness away from harming others towards things more positive. We are still learning one another and although there are many wonderful, beautiful things about her, our concerns still exists and seems to be our toughest parenting challenge YET. My main pet peeve is that American doesn't have much respect/regard for the American Family and as a result the value systems that many of us try to implement in our family lives are continually undermined. Why? Do they not know that human life is the world's greatest assets. A healthy, whole family is the greatest producer of said assets. So, I'm just asking, WHY?

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