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I have 2 children, one age 9 with aspergers syndrome and one age 7 with adhd. They are amazing little people that have the biggest hearts. I love their perspective on life. We feel so very blessed that they are ours. We also feel very challenged and most times not prepared, but we keep going. I believe the biggest challenge we have is that our children don't "look" like they have challenges, so people are less tolerant. It seems to be that in some cases kids are to be seen and not heard. It is frustrating because it seems like there is no room for that square peg. I feel this is especially true in the public school system. This attitude makes me push harder because these kids bring so much to the world. My son has no hesitation telling you how much he loves you, and his hugs are sunshine. My daughter is artistic and she views the world with innocense and always sees the good in everyone and everything. Then we have those days, when I am pretty sure that no matter how much I love them, that I am the worst mom in the world because they have pushed buttons I didn't even know I had. This provides me fuel and motivation to help them as much as I can. They are my purpose.

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