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Thank you for stopping by have a very nice day.. :) I am a step, birth, adopted, foster/adoptive, and grandma..Think that about covers all the mom parts.. I love foster children this gives me great joy to teach the children how they can be loved get the care they need. Teach them the difference between the moon and sun as well as to learn to trust they will be taking care of.. Knowing the feeling that you will be there when they need or want you to hold them, Fostering a child/children bring your norm everyday living to a whole new step.. Don't get me wrong I love all my children and grandchildren.. Meeting there needs going to there plays or open house at school,Or what ever was going on seeing the face glow and smile from ear to ear of children knowing your there because they are in a play,music ect. When you foster a child and you attend one of their projects at school they give off a whole new meaning to being a parent in a great way..They see you at their play and they glow to see you came just for them.. If there is something you would like to know about me ask and I will answer.. : )

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