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  • Post in: homework  June 11, 2009

    It could certainly be something more than this but perhaps you just need to mix it up and find her a great spot to do her homework. Check out this... More »

  • Post in: Parent Teacher Conferences  March 31, 2009

    Hi, Eccentric- I don't think it's nerve wracking per se but I do think it's helpful to be prepared to ask any questions or concerns you... More »

  • Started conversation: Parent Teacher Conferences  March 29, 2009

    As the time for Parent Teacher conferences is upon us again, I just thought I'd share some great info I found with you in getting ourselves prepared...

  • Post in: i have a question about the physical activity level  March 17, 2009

    Hi there, I feel what you're saying. Maybe you should show them this video which has great advice from a NYC elementary school gym teacher. It's... More »

  • Post in: How Can I Help With Math When I Don't Remember It?  February 25, 2009

    Math has never been my forte. I always struggled with it and finally with an exceptional teacher who made it interesting and fun, I began to excel... More »

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