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I am a single mom currently living in Oakland. My daughter is in preschool in Berkeley, and I'm looking to start researching elementary schools for her to go to. I am seriously considering moving to San Francisco, and at the moment her father lives in Berkeley. He has a couple great schools in his district, regardless of the lottery system. Problem being I don't know if he plans on staying in that area (the zones are broken up by street), or if he would want to move into the city as well. This issue has been consuming my mind the last few weeks, and I don't quite know how to go about digging into the resources to find what I need to help. UUgggghh! More about us: My daughter is your typical girlie-girl. Obsessed with everything princess, owns more DVDs than I do (predominantly Disney, of course). Loves pink and frilly goodness. Just started her first ballet class a few months ago. She's got a natural point. And she's just the loveliest thing you've ever seen. I adore her. I work full-time, and I also play bass in a local SF cover band called Smash-Up Derby. We gig regularly and rehearse even MORE regularly, so I have a very precariously balanced schedule that has me pretty much already needing to be somewhere else by the time I get wherever I'm going. I split time with my daughter with her father, half and half during the week. At this point, that schedule works, but once she starts kindergarten, I know it will have to change, and I'm wondering how things are going to work.

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