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some of my favorite parenting memories -my 9 month (now 8) looking up at me after having spaghetti for the first time -my daughter who had motor coordination issues, scoring the winning team point in a soccer game and my husband and I looked at each other thinking "all the money we spent on occupational therapy was worth every cent." -laughing over breakfast or dinner My pet peeves: -high school kids having to go to school so early -"no snack" rule in school -"no water bottle" rule in school -high pressure kindergarten -whole language reading approach vs. the phonics approach which NIH has proven works best -when a teacher dismisses a difficulty that the child is having, by saying, "lots of kids do that" -when a teacher has a discipline policy at their fingertips but doesn't use it -a classroom without sanitary hand wipes - running out of milk -where is the OTHER sock What makes me excited: -the ah-hah moment when a child "gets it" -a moment with my child when we've really connected i.e. usually when swimming or just laughing over a joke -when I hear my children laugh with each other -when my husband and I talk about our kids Typical day in my hectic life up at 6:00 to drive my highschooler to WLHS, waking up my poor 8 year old to come with us, coming back home and talking over breakfast, getting my 8 yr. old off to school, running off to work as a pediatric speech-language pathologist, seeing one client after another, going home to kids who are excited to see me (that's the best), making/eating dinner, reviewing homework, talking about school and work days, tucking them in (my highschooler still lets me do it!!!!!!!!!!,) getting to bed and starting all over again.

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    Hi, My daughter was sent home spelling words in this manner and I assumed it was because they didn't have a spelling workbook or textbook.... More »

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