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when my son first started school letting go the first day.. wow it was hard lol.. helping my son learn to read, write, and do math in the younger days when my son brought art work home and it was so beautiful and then the teachers didn't sent his pictures home anymore that was up setting to me most of all. i love it when each day my son comes home and takes off his coat and starts doing his homework right away without taking a little rest... he has been like this all through school here i think its wonderful he is still doing this in 10 grade still. i love when my son leaves in the morning and tells me mom i love you and have a great day today... and when he comes home he asked how was my day .. this is so cool i think i know my son cares too.. i feel i have a great son and he is walking in the right shoes in life so far and he respects all of his teachers and everyone at school and loves the school he attend ..

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