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I would really like to see a more humanistic curriculum at public schools. My son started first grade and the kids don't get a morning recess anymore. I was shocked when I found that out. These are six year olds and they are sitting fot the first four hours of the day without a sufficient break! I did some research and this trend is happening all over the country, partly due to NCLB and partly the academic standardized testing frenzy, schools have so much pressure to keep test scores up everything else goes out the window. PE art music and language has already been all but gutted in most schools so recess si the last thing they can take away. And it's not like American children are the epitome of health. The obesity rate in children has steadily risen over the last thrity years, and childhood diabetes as well is on the rise. The last thing we need to do is take recess away from our children. I wrote a letter to the principal at Mcbride and she didn't seem to concerned, at least not enough to want to change the schedule. from the research I have done I have learned that frequent and regular breaks for children IMPROVES cognitive functioning, interest participation and alertness. And that is for the kids who don't have ADHD, those who struggle with hyperactivty the physical activity is even more vital to academic success. Also social skills, elementary school is a time to build those skills and practice making and keeping friends, taking turnd, listening and communicating. Kids thrive when they have csome choice in their day. Being at school for seven hours is a long time and I want my kids to enjoy their childhoods. I don't care what kind of economy we are moving towards, my kid is not fodder for the global corporatists, and not a product for output. I want him to love learning, and want to become a lifelong learner because he is interested and alive, not because he has the pressure of the world on his shoulders over a silly numerical score. test scores is not what life is about. Teachers need our support and our kids need us to fight for them. bring Back Recess!

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