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Hi, My name is Dawn, I have a BA in Early Childhood Education with a minor in psychology. A Masters degree in "Learning Disabilities" with a focus on children with Social Emotional Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, and Cognitive Disabilities. I have been a special education teacher for ten years. I worked with students who had severe and profound physical and cognitive disabilities. I also sub in our special education co-op for 4yrs. There i taught children with all levels of disabilities from learning to social emotional to cognitive and physical. I am a foster parent. I have had two teenage girls placed with me who had cognitive and social emotional disabilities. I do not have any children which i have given birth to. My husband and i have adopted a little boy through DCFS 1 1/2 year ago. He came into our home as a foster child 2 1/2yrs ago. He is a Joy in our lives and sometimes a pain in our butts. The bottom line is we do Love him. He 4yrs old. I belong to many groups on Great Schools "Learning and Attention Difficulties" is my favorite. Foster/Adoptive Parents I have started two groups. Children with "Emotional Disabilities" Children with "Physical Disabilities" SUPPORT ILLINOIS MEDICAL PSYCHOLOGISTS Help us increase access to mental health care for Illinois citizens. More than 2,796,000 people in Illinois are in need of mental health treatment and there are too few psychiatrists to meet this need...

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