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I am a wife and mother to four high achieving, highly talented children. Growing up as my mother's only child, I knew I wanted a large family. I adore my children and have the best time with them. I'm tough but I play hard too. The kids know that mom will be outside playing ball with them or at the amusement park or whatever just so long as they keep up their end of the deal. I do have 2 brothers but they are 11 and 22 years younger than I; weird huh. They are pretty good guys, finding their way in this world. My husband, the strong silent type that everyone gravitates towards, is going to grad school for his special ed teaching certification and I work in technology at a suburban Chicago high school district. We have a small menagerie of animals in our tiny house. Our dog is crazy, but we love him. We also have 2 leopard geckos and some fish. We used to have a cat but that's another story. The kids love having animals at home, it teaches them responsibility and piques their cuirosity about nature. We're self-proclaimed zoologist. Whenever we vacation we always see the local zoo. My dream is to get an RV and just drive to see all the zoos in the nation. My philosophy is to never stop learning and learning doesn't always take place in a classroom. We are members of some of our local museums and zoos. We love to learn and I try to make is so that the kids don't really know their learning. I'm also a mom who loves video games. The Lego games (Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones) are my current favorites. My kids and I often fight over the controlers or they battle each other for the chance to battle me. My oldest child is a freshmen in high school, in all honors courses and band. She is a quiet girl and everything seems to come easily to her, so she doesn't put forth much effort which frustrates her father and I. We always say that she could be so much more if only she tried. I guess our argument is kind of silly to most parents because she's a good girl and straight A student. She's really into Manga books and draws her own comics. She wants to play music professionally, in an orchestra and live in France. When she was little, up until about 2 years ago, she used to say she wanted to be a tuba playing astronaut. I think she still wants to be an astronaut and can already play several instuments plus the tuba, she was asking me about the Air Force a few weeks ago. Our second child is miss smarty-pants and in the accelerated track at school. She's kind of an academic snob. She knows she's smart but works pretty hard for every A. She's also the jock of the family, she's 11 and 5'6", so basketball and volleyball are her big interests. She's much more social than our other children and school is a place to hang out for her, now that she's in Jr. High, she thinks she's hot stuff. She wants good grades, just to top her sister. She's clever and a great conversationalist. She tells the funniest stories, I keep encouraging her to submit her stories to magazines, but she says they are just for her. She also is in her school's band and loves to be in charge. She's the 2nd mother of the house, always barking orders at someone. She is also the first to help in the kitchen, that little lady is going to be a great cook! She already has her high school schedule laid out so she can take the chef's courses that are available. She says she's going to become a teacher, chef and writer when she grows up. My oldest son is 9 and in 4th grade. He's totally into Legos, dinosaurs, bugs, snakes, Pokemon, sharks and pretty much all things mechanical. When he was first walking I was outside with my tool box fixing a trellis and he goes into the tool box and grabs a screw driver and starts heading towards my car. He tried to stick the screwdriver in the radiator to fix the car. He was barely a year old. He just always wanted to fix things and to cook. I bought my girls a play kitchen years ago and they never played with it, only my son. It was funny. My husband always tried to give it away but whenever it would get close to being out the door our son would cry and cry for it. Today I can't get him out of the kitchen, number 1 he loves to eat. He's not fat or anything, in fact I think he's skinny, but he's an eating machine. He loves to help cook though. I think he learned, like I did, that helping to cook gets you first tastes. He's in advanced math at his school and very proud of himself, so are we! He has just started playing the trombone for the school band too. He knows so much about dinosaurs that on one museum trip we just planted ourselves on a bench and let him hang out near his favorite dino and talk to whomever would listen. He was like a museum docent that day. We oftentimes take bike rides through the forest preserve and he always finds a way to connect Jurassic Park to real life, so this one trip he said we were in Jurassic Park and made the ride so exciting by helping us imagine that trees were dinosaurs. This kid is so into dinosaurs that he even knows what fossilised dino pooh is called. That floored me because I thought I knew alot about dinos. WHen I try to throw out my dino facts he just looks at me with this "everybody knows that" look. Right now his career aspirations are to be an architect, palentologist, engineer, herpatologist, entomogist and probably any other ologist he can think of. Finally, my youngest son is 7 and in 2nd grade. He's the charmer. He's such a sweet and caring boy. He's tough though, so don't take his kindness for a weakness. He's in advanced reading but could care less about addition and subtraction. School just isn't important to him, what he's there for is to be cute and cuddly. I really wish he would stop that, his cuteness factor is not gonna last forever. I figured I would have one kid who was just an average student. Maybe he'll grow out of it and take school a bit more seriously. He's interested in being creative and not academic, that's fine. He's always making something, like boats and houses out of carboard and always drawing or painting. He says he wants to be a playwrite when he grows up, he spins some real tall tales. One day he had these odd scratches on his face and told me he was atttacked by a tiger. He was so convincing though, maybe he'll be an actor, he always comes in and steals the show. My oldest daughter gets so angry when her friends talk about how cute her baby brother is, she says stuff like "no he's not" or "he's a jerk." In our district elementary and middle school kids ride the bus together, so when he would get on the bus he's always wink at his sister's friends, they would just melt. His ego is so huge, I wonder how he gets through the door sometimes. Bottom line, I'm a fun loving lady who is crazy about her family. I feel like we're close and hope to always stay that way.

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