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  • Post in: implementing a uniform rule at public school  February 12, 2012

    You need to gather your parents and do research before you go to a meeting. Go on the internet and find other schools who have uniforms and the... More »

  • Post in: moving what to do!?  May 24, 2011

    I agree with happyarv5. Don't take chances with a school with bad test scores. I would say regardless of test scores, most public schools today... More »

  • Post in: blended classes  May 17, 2011

    Two of my children were in these "blended" classrooms and it benefitted no one but the teacher. The older children were used as tutors... More »

  • Post in: PE vs Science and Social Studies  February 25, 2011

    I sympathize with parents who are scared about what their children are not getting in school. Politics and unions are the culprits. When did PE... More »

  • Post in: Tempe, AZ Bustoz School Closing!  February 6, 2011

    One of the biggest reasons for school closings is that salaries and benefits are no longer sustainable. Health insurance costs are paid largely... More »

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